August 12, 2009

Balisage 2009 - Spicy XML Data Services Platform

According to Uche Ogbuji, Akara is an integration platform for data services over the web providing pipelines for managing and processing data in whatever form (one format to another). In his own words:
Akara is an open-source XML/Web mashup platform supporting XML processing in an environment of RESTful data services. It includes “Web triggers”, which build on REST architecture to support orchestration of Web events. This is a powerful system for integrating services and components across the Web in a declarative way, so that perhaps a Web request could access information from a service running on Amazon EC2 to analyze information gathered from social networks, run through a remote spam detector service. Akara is designed from ground up to support such rich interactions, using the latest conventions and standards of the Web 2.0 era. It's also designed for performance, modern processor conventions and architectures, and for ready integration with other tools and components.

I have to admit, Uche Ogbuji's talk entitled Akara - Spicy Bean Fritters and an XML Data Services Platform was difficult for me to follow. Probably to many in the audience who have closely followed his earlier 4Suite work, this was exactly the right degree of spiciness, but it gave me indigestion. The pace was very fast (partly because he thought he had less time then actually allotted) and the slides were replete with acronyms and terminology that he assumed everyone understood (which may be the case, but still...).

Akara is built upon a mature foundation, namely the 4Suite code base including a port of the test suite. Uche said Akara is being used in some production environments although he also mentioned it was technically alpha code.

See his (late-breaking news) Submitted Paper.

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