August 12, 2009

Balisage 2009 - Those Pesky Namespaces!

Liam Quin (W3C's XML Activity Lead) gave a highly spirited talk on the pros and cons on XML Namespaces, as well as several approaches to simplifying namespace specification. He mentioned solutions proposed by Tim Bray, Micah Dubinko, and Ian Hickson. Quin's own solution was to store namespace declarations in a special namespace file that is processed by XSLT and applied to the files that reference it so they can in turn be validated with normal namespace syntax.

Apparently Liam must be into multimedia presentations. In addition to sporting a very colorful hat, he read a passage from any old book about railroads and showed a video clip of a damsel in distress tied to the tracks. Unfortunately, he ran out of time before we learned the fate of the damsel.

See his Submitted Paper.

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